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Since 1974 Cottonmill Enterprises has been serving Kearney, NE and surrounding areas. Specializing in grading, seeding, sodding and shredder mowing.

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Our Services

Below is a summary of the different services we offer.

Our Services


For shape and slope of property for drainage. Examples of grading include:

  • Rough Grade - 3” and up variance in existing grade (3” to 1 ½”), deep chisel, rotary till, soil pulverizing and pull-type box scraper. This is done after concrete is installed and before sprinklers/landscaping. Provides a foundation to build lawn and landscapes.
  • Fine Grade – after sprinklers and landscaping. Up to 3” in variance, preparation for sod/seed installation. Included with sod and seed prices or priced separately.
  • Re-grade/Renovation – existing lawns needing shaped; removing weeds and/or unappealing grass blends; cutting or adding dirt for slope to maximize drainage.

Sod Services

Fescue/Bluegrass options – Complete start to finish

  • Fescue blend or Bluegrass
  • Small or large jobs
  • New construction
  • Existing lawns needing a new look
  • Commercial or residential
  • Partial sod, partial seed options

Lawn Seeding

  • Extensive seedbed preparation
  • 3 different types of mechanical seeders
  • 3 different types of mechanical seeders
  • Hydroseeding/mulching available
  • Bluegrass blends, fescue blends, buffalo grass, drought tolerant mixes
  • Straw mulching/crimping
  • Starter fertilizer
  • Arrow Seed dealer
  • Custom blends available
  • Slit seed, inter-seeding and over-seeding

Native/Pasture Grass Drilling

  • Full-till to no-till options
  • Straw or hay mulching/crimping
  • Starter fertilizer
  • Arrow Seed dealer
  • Custom blends available
  • Wild flower mixes
  • Food plot drilling

Brush Mowing/Shredding

  • 8’ wide, 15’ wide batwing, 20’ wide batwing
  • Weekly, biweekly or monthly schedule
  • Right-of-way/industrial
  • Hourly rates or scheduled mows

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